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Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice

This Privacy Policy sets forth the practices in effect at the Berkeley Holiday Fund to protect the privacy of its financial supporters, community agencies, recipients and website visitors.

Financial Supporters

We retain the name and address of supporters for continued notification of our activity, tax information and requests for support.  This information is never shared.

Community Agencies

We retain the name and address of a contact person at each agency in order to conduct our charitable work.  We communicate with these individuals to verify information. These contacts supply the necessary information on the proposed recipients.


We obtain the name and address and birth date of Berkeley citizens who are nominated by community agencies for a holiday check.  The three data elements are necessary to confirm identity, to prevent duplicate beneficiaries and to ensure the beneficiary resides in Berkeley.  This information is necessary for us to carry out our mission to distribute a cash gift to the recipient during the holiday season.

This information is transmitted on hard copy or by media storage devices.  It is retained in order to verify information should we not be able to deliver the recipient’s check and for program evaluation, development and quality control.  Hard copies are shredded on or before November 1st of the following year and media storage devices are erased and returned to the submitting agency on the same schedule.

We recognize the need for privacy and security for the nonpublic information we are allowed to use to carry out our mission.  We have been and will continue to be bound by high standards of confidentiality with respect to all information we receive.  


We do not collect any data from our website nor do we install cookies or gather any tracking information.  We provide links to the community agencies we work with but do not control the privacy policies of these websites.

Changes to this Policy

In the event this Privacy Policy changes, we will post an updated policy on this page with a link to this page from our home page.